Do You Suffer From AIP Creepage?

AIP Creepage

My goals may seem impossibly far-fetched when really they’re not.

Break them down into steps and see how I accomplish great things.
I can easily reach from A to B.
I can manage from B to C.
I can then make it from C to D.
And so eventually, I will find my way from A to Z.
― Richelle E. Goodrich

AIP Creepage is a thing. At least, it’s a thing that I’m naming.

It’s a phenomonen that happens to many (if not all) of us.

What is AIP Creepage?

creepage noun

slow, imperceptible movement.

AIP Creepage is what I’m calling the very human phenomenon of the lowering of a performance norm or expectation in relation to the Autoimmune Protocol.

In simple terms, it’s when you’ve been following the template – both the elimination diet and the lifetsyle factors, but for any given reason your performance in terms of sticking to the letter of the protocol starts to slide.

It can be a slippery slope…

But here’s the thing – creepage is human nature.

It happens to the best of us.

It’s even normal.

Just how much creepage you allow is up to you…

AIP Creepage


If we plot many human behaviours on a graph – with our performance on the y axis and time on the x axis*, we find that over time our performance can drop. There are many reasons for this – we can lose focus, life can get in the way, we can develop new and different priorities, we can fail to see the sort of results we would like… The list goes on

But – and this is important – if we catch our drop in performance early (refer point a. on the graph above), it can be significantly easier to recalibrate back to our AIP Template baseline than if we allow our performance to continue to dip further (refer point b.) The bigger the blow out, the more difficult it is to claw back.

How Do You Prevent Creepage?

Well, the short answer is that it’s almost impossible to stop some degree of creepage. And this is because we can’t control all the variables in our life.

But we can mitigate the damage and recalibrate!

Here are some tools we recommend…

Keep a Food and Mood Diary – the very best thing you can do to keep to the template, even when life throws you curve balls, is to keep a food and mood diary. It helps you to break down the template into manageable chunks so that you can effect constant changes to improve your health. And, it keeps you honest. So you catch the dips early. Check out our post on keeping a food and mood diary here.

Be an N = 1 Experiment – Stay sharp by treating your body as your own personal experiment. An ‘n=1’ is an experiment with one participant. You. Pick the trickiest part of the protocol and experiment with finding ways to encorporate it into your life. And, if you need some help with this, head over to BiohackU for guidance. They are n=1 experts!

Join our next AIP Reset – AIP Reset is a 30-day online program to help you get back on track with your AIP template. It is designed to help you recalibrate when things have slipped a little and it has the added benefit of introducing you to other experienced AIPers who understand what you are going through.

Be gentle with yourself – Autoimmune sufferers are notoriously hard on themselves. We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and this means when we fall, it hurts! So, it’s important to realise that AIP Creepage happens to the best of us. When it happens to you, pause and consider what measures you can take to get back on track; then let it go.

Remember that perfection is overrated!

*do you feel like you’re back at school? Maths was never my thing!




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