The Reintroduction Process: Managing Stage 1 Reintroductions

AIP reintroductions


“… the secret in handling fear is to move yourself from a position of pain to a position of power.” ― Susan Jeffers, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’


This quote could have been written specifically for those of us embarking on reintroductions after a period on the Autoimmune Protocol elimination phase.

The elimination phase allows many of us suffering from autoimmune disease, to move from a position of pain to a position of power; a feeling that we have more control over our disease and how it is expressed. And, it’s a feeling that is difficult to articulate – especially if you have been suffering in silence for a long time…

So, it’s understandable that when it comes time to commence reintroductions, we can find ourselves scared to take the leap.

We all know that the elimination phase of the protocol is not meant to last forever.

Our goal in this Reintroduction Process series is to provide you with tools to drive success in your reintroduction process. So far, we have talked about:

Today, the rubber hits the road!

We’re taking action with stage 1 of the reintroduction process…

AIP Stage 1 ReintroductionIf you’ve been following along in the series, you’ll know that we recommend following Sarah Ballantyne’s 4-stage approach. You have already planned the first 2 or 3 foods you’d like to reintroduce. And, you have one or two recipes lined up that include the ingredients you’ve chosen.

The primary reason for this is that you are starting to reintroduce the least inflammatory foods. These are also the most nutrient dense foods, too. Handy!

After all your hard work on the elimination phase; after the improvements in your symptoms; after your digestion has stabilised – well, we want to minimise chances of a set back or an autoimmune flare.

This is exactly why a carefully controlled and measured approach is so important.

Let the reintroductions begin!

And, so you have all the necessary information to hand, we’ve prepared another download for you. 

This one details just how to reintroduce a food in a step-by-step way…

To download your printable copy of this infographic, just click here.

CA Reintroducing Food

Reintroducing foods

And, as you have already learned – it is so very important that you track your symptoms – both your ‘steady state’ baseline and any changes throughout the reintroduction process plus you trust your intuition.

Own the process.

It’s your body. Follow a system that works for you.


This post is the sixth in The Reintroduction Process series. The first can be found here.

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