AIP Reintros Course

AIP Reintros is a 30-day program focused educating and guiding you through the steps necessary to create your own personalized plan for reintroducing foods. The process of reintroducing foods can often feel daunting. Either you don't know where to start, or you justifiably have a fear that you don't want to go backward and face potentially experiencing flares or symptoms that have become a thing of the past.

AIP isn't intended to be a life sentence. While nutrient density is paramount, the goal is to reintroduce foods when the time is right.  This program will help you decide the when, how and what around just what you should undertake to embrace reintroducing foods to your diet.

AIP Reintros costs $125 for a 30 day program.

Our AIP Reintros program will provide you with a clear path on the necessary steps you need to take - before, during and after reintroducing a food. We'll educate you on just how to recognize potential reactions that could manifest in a wide variety of ways. Understanding how to identify these triggers will be key to your success.

Facilitated by trained health coaches, the program starts on the 1st of every other month and runs for 30 consecutive days.

How do I know if AIP Reintros is right for me?

  • You have followed AIP for at least 30 days
  • You understand the elimination diet, however, need clear guidelines on how to reintroduce foods
  • You have successfully completed the elimination phase and had success, but it kind of fell apart for you with the reintroduction process
  • You want to start the reintroduction process but feel overwhelmed on how to start or you are fearful of moving backward
  • You actually don't think you're an 'online group' kind of person, but you quite like the idea of working on a shared goal with some like-minded individuals
  • You like to work at your own pace and recognize that each individual has their own personalized AIP template

What's included in 'AIP Reintros'

  • Membership in a community of 'like-minded' individuals, all well versed in using the Autoimmune Protocol template to help improve their health
  • A safe and friendly private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your experiences and receive/offer support
  • Two trained The Paleo Mom-endorsed health coaches who are well versed in living life using the principles of the Autoimmune Protocol
  • Daily posts providing you with tools, support and information to help you get the most out of your 30-day reset
  • Access to a catalog of support materials for personal reference during and after the course

We know just how daunting it can be to think about reintroducing foods, after all we have been there ourselves!  We're here to provide you with a supportive environment and the skills necessary to reintroduce foods. You can start during the 30-day course, or choose to wait until you feel comfortable. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to reintroduce foods with confidence

The 'AIP Reintros' Process

  1. Sign up for AIP Reintros program (link below)

  2. Receive a link to join the exclusive Facebook Group where your community will exist

  3. Gain access to a members only repository of timed content during the 30 day course

  4. Tune in to daily messages and live video streams for support and encouragement by Paleo Mom approved Certified Health Coaches

  5. Interact with your peers and build that supportive community


What people are saying about AIP Reintros


The AIP Reintros course was outstanding, and exactly what I needed to continue healing while progressing toward a broader range of safe food choices. I no longer feel "stuck" and anxious about reintroducing some of the foods I eliminated on the Autoimmune Protocol. With the information and support provided by Jo and Emma during the course, I feel confident about reintroductions, and I am excited about the prospect of an expanded diet at the conclusion of my reintroduction trials. I highly recommend the AIP Reintroductions course!

- Linda (USA)

AIP Reintros is a comprehensive overview of all the various aspects of AIP, food and lifestyle, and how they work together to help me successfully reintroduce foods to my diet. I was impressed by how thoroughly Emma and Jo addressed so many elements of AIP and helped me decide what to reintroduce, when, and how to go about it in order to have greater chance of success. They have a deep understanding of the challenges of AIP and reintroductions from both a knowledge perspective and from their personal experiences. I feel confident that I have a much better understanding of what my body is telling me about the food I eat and whether or not I'm ready to add a particular food back into my diet or not. AIP Reintros has been a very important part of my AIP journey and I will be referring back to the information from the course time and time again. Thank-you Emma and Jo for such a fantastic resource for the AIP community!

- Sonya (Canada)

Reintros on the AIP diet can be scary and challenging. Emma and Jo explore the topic so well, and prepare us for the next step. Thank you ladies!

- Lynne (USA)

I've been so anxious about doing reintros, but after this month I feel so much more prepared. Emma and Jo gave us amazing resources, lots of great information, and future access to extra support.

- Jenna (USA)

When starting AIP I felt like I had a lot of resources and support to pull from. But during reintroductions? I felt overwhelmed, alone, and full of questions. Jo and Emma's AIP Reintro program has been so helpful to clarify the process, navigate troubleshooting, and has given me the confidence to continue my AIP journey toward healing.

 - Sara (USA)

You have put together a really rich, substantive course that has far exceeded my expectations. I'm not exactly sure what I expected....maybe something where we all transitioned together at the same time. But the course taught so much about how very individualized the Reintro process is. I do feel much more confident now to take this on myself. I now understand the "whys" of this reintroduction process.

Kudos to you Joanna and Emma for an outstanding product! Your hard work on this shines through, as does your warmth and love.

Sheri (USA)

I was extremely happy with the AIP Reintros class. It is everything I have come to expect from an enterprise taken on by Emma and Jo: lots of great information; questions answered with compassion, thoughtfulness, and resources to back up what they say; and just plain fun. I feel very confident embarking on the next phase of my AIP journey.

- Anonymous

Absolutely loved the AIP Reintros course! Besides all the excellent information, very practical hand-outs, and authentic videos of Emma and Joanna, you build, without noticing it, lots of confidence to start reintroducing - on the right moment, and the right pace, just for you. Thanks Emma and Jo for this Masterclass Reintros!

- Lara (Spain)