AIP Reset

aipreset_purpleAIP Reset is a 30 day program focused on supporting those who have been following The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) lifestyle for a period of 6 months or more; and, who may have successfully reintroduced foods - but, over time have recognized that they are experiencing more frequent flares; or, that other symptoms are either returning or being introduced. The program is designed to be a 30-day support tool, providing an online community to help reinforce the key principles of AIP.

AIP Reset costs just $64.99 which works out to $2.11 per day

AIP Reset Circle

AIP Reset will enable you to reset your body. This is achieved by going back to AIP basics - removing foods that you may have already reintroduced (allowing you to see the impact of removing them again) and by actively working on the lifestyle aspects of the Autoimmune Protocol, in a controlled and supported environment.

It's about community

Facilitated by trained health coaches, the program starts on the 1st of every month and runs for 30 consecutive days.

How do I know if AIP Reset is right for me?

  • You have followed AIP for at least 90 days and have successfully managed to reintroduce a range of foods

  • You understand the elimination diet. You’ve done it before, but would like support and community while you reset back to the full elimination for 30 days

  • You successfully completed the elimination phase and had success, but it kind of fell apart with reintroductions. Now, you’re looking to reset before trying again

  • You’ve completed SAD to AIP in 6 and you know that working with others going through the same stuff helps you stay on track

  • You want to start the reintroduction process but before that happens, you want to make sure everything else is dialed in.

  • You did it all on your own. You actually don't think you're an 'online group' kind of person, but you quite like the idea of working with a shared goal with some like-minded individuals

What's included in 'AIP Reset'

  • Membership in a community of 'like-minded' individuals, all well versed in using the Autoimmune Protocol template to help improve their health

  • A handy-dandy 'AIP Reset' handbook emailed to you a few days before kick off

  • A safe and friendly private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your experiences and receive/offer support

  • Two trained The Paleo Mom-endorsed health coaches who are well versed in living life using the principles of the Autoimmune Protocol

  • Daily posts providing you with tools, support and information to help you get the most out of your 30-day reset

We know just how challenging it can be to get back onto that 'full elimination' horse! We're here to provide you with a supportive environment to help you stay on track. We're not your Mum - we won't tell you off when you stray. But! We will do our very best to help you get the most out of your AIP Reset.

What's stopping you

The 'AIP Reset' Process

  1. Sign up for AIP Reset program (link below)

  2. Receive a link to join the exclusive Facebook Group where your community will exist

  3. Download and review the eBook (this will be mailed to you at the email that you sign up with on the 29th of the month)

  4. Tune in to daily messages and live video streams for support and encouragement by Paleo Mom approved Certified Health Coaches

  5. Interact with your peers and build that supportive community 



What people are saying about 'AIP Reset'...


This group was able to help me follow my goals since we were all on the same path to – encourage, enlighten, engage and explore! AIP Reset was an amazing way to get reconnected to your AIP goals and life! I would recommend this to seasoned AIPers! Joanna is an amazing coach and AIP queen! Her sense of community and dedication to her own AIP path helps others continue on theirs. I am forever grateful for her and all of the people in our first AIP Reset group!

- Cyndi, Colorado (USA)


‘AIP Reset’ was able to help me work toward my goals by being supported by nurturing and caring mentors; being part of the ‘AIP Reset’ community whose members were on the same journey, sharing ideas and encouraging each other; and getting inspired by the daily motivational quotes and ‘food for thought’ – these really helped me focus on the often neglected ‘lifestyle and nutrient density’ parts of the AIP. As a result I lost 3 kilos, improved my sleep, reduced my joint pain, found food cu;sprits that didn't serve me and got creative with my cooking! -

Gita, Sydney (Australia)

 'AIP Reset' definitely helped me to stay on track for 30 days of strict compliant AIP and to get ideas and suggestions from others (and to help and support others who were trying to stay on track, too). Not only did I feel better for doing it but I lost a few pounds!

- Beth, Maine (USA)

During the course of 'AIP Reset' I have made an effort in my daily journal to track my mood and my symptoms. Before, I tracked only my food. I have already learned some things by tracking mood and symptoms and expect to learn more. I think the program is a VERY useful follow-on to Angie Alt’s SAD to AIP in 6 class, although I believe some number of months between the two classes is useful; I think it’s necessary to struggle on your own for a while and then come back for help.

- Cecilia, Illinois (USA)

‘AIP Reset’ was able to help me work toward my goals of getting back to AIP basics by having a community of ‘believers’ who supported me through the journey. It was a great way to reinforce the original ideal of not consuming foods that will affect my condition and cause a deterioration in my overall health. I experienced a lessening of symptoms such as aches in all joints and now have more energy.

- Barbara, Queensland (Australia)

NOTE: that the groups will be monitored, and no bullying or drama will be tolerated. Treating and responding to others as you would like to be treated is a good rule of thumb.

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