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125x125_emHi, my name is Emma King. I’m a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’m a Brit who has chosen to live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago, though in the winter months I question my sanity! I have the honor & privilege to be a Single Mum to an amazing daughter whose prime purpose in life is to make me laugh!

I have been gluten-free for 10 years, and I added dairy-free in 2008, Paleo in 2013 and started on the Autoimmune Protocol in 2014! As you can see, I had quite the phased journey. My family was the catalyst for my move into health coaching, as we had learning & behavioral difficulties and we benefited immensely by following a Paleo template. As a result, many people started to ask me for advice and guidance on how to eat the way we do.

Out of a desire to do so with clarity, I started my Health Coaching training with IIN in 2014 and originally started blogging as The Bacon Mum. My focus as a coach is to work with families who are impacted by autoimmune Disease, food allergies or behavioral issues onset by food.

I myself manage Chronic Lyme Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hypothyroidism using the Autoimmune Protocol and as a single mum, I have empathy for the dynamic that bringing a change of diet to your family table can bring! Not to mention the stresses, sleep deprivation and guilt that comes from being a parent… yes, I said guilt! When dealing with chronic disease or a child with behavioral issues and/or autoimmune disease we are always dealing with a nagging guilt: Is it my fault? What did I do wrong? I wish I could be there more for my family! It’s a real challenge, and I understand it daily!

I would be honored to work with you individually, with a focus on  your family, AIP, Reintroducing Foods, Family/Caregiver Support and in time if appropriate with your family to simplify the process of changing your lifestyle and diet. My goal will be to empower you to be in the driving seat of your healing journey in a phased approach, at a pace that you and your family can handle.

Insightful and Empathetic

1:1 Coaching with Jo


Hi! — My name is Joanna (Jo) Frankham. I’m a certified Health Coach and also hold a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Auckland University. Originally from New Zealand, after spending much of my twenties and thirties travelling, I now call Sydney, Australia home.

While I’ve always had in interest in good food, I haven’t always made the best choices. It was when I was living in London in my early twenties that I first started developing very painful and embarrassing blister-like abscesses in awkward places. I had no idea what these were or where they came from and, despite seeing doctors and specialists, my ‘skin issues’ remained undiagnosed for almost twenty years, getting steadily worse. I never talked about them, either.

It transpired that these issues of mine were autoimmune in nature – and they go by the name of Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS). I now attribute a very strong family history of autoimmune skin disease and bowel cancer, along with too many antibiotics as a youngster, a couple of decades in a high stress career, and poor lifestyle choices on my autoimmune issues. Isn’t hindsight great?

Over the past few years, the Autoimmune Protocol has transformed my idea of what healthy looks and feels like. My two decades of skin issues are almost completely in remission and life looks very different. Most importantly, I have discovered that I have the power to materially affect my health by the diet and lifestyle choices I make. But, it does take some effort.

As a health coach, I now help support others to change their diet and lifestyle choices. I draw on my twenty-plus years of experience in the field of strategic human resources as I work with people to effect positive behavioral change using the principles of the Autoimmune Protocol. I have a pragmatic and friendly approach – coaching is all about finding sustainable changes that work for you

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One Hour Consult (US$125)

Are you a seasoned AIPer? Perhaps you just seek some troubleshooting or a little tweaking with an expert, someone who understands just what you are going through? Spend an hour with one of us and get your basic questions answered.

This package does not include email support or a history.

Caregiver Support Program - 6 weeks - $450

Are you a parent of child who has Autoimmune Diseases, or a spouse, caregiver, partner to somebody with Autoimmune Disease? Have you spent copious hours researching ways to help them, and are familiar with all the possible routes, but need dedicated support during the transition? Spend an hour talking with one of our consultants and reviewing loved ones health history and three-day food journal. They will prepare recommendations and help you formulate a basic plan, which includes transition to the full Paleo approach, including support to help you adjust your lifestyle, diet & family dynamic to meet their needs.

A 30-minute follow-up is conducted once a week for the duration of six week program.

This package includes unlimited email support and an initial appointment with a history

One Hour Consult With History + 30 Minute Follow-Up (US$250)

Have you been on your AIP health journey for a while now, but find you are hitting roadblocks or having difficulty staying the course? Maybe you need help identifying questions for your doctor? Spend an hour talking with one of us and reviewing your health history. We’ll help you formulate a basic plan for moving forward and check-in with you for a 30 minute follow-up two weeks later.

A 30-minute follow-up is conducted two weeks after the initial session.

This package includes unlimited email support between the initial consult and the follow-up.

Three-Month Transition (US$900)

Are you just starting your AIP experience, but recognize how much you could benefit from some coaching guidance and support as you begin? Perhaps you are familiar with the protocol, but need some dedicated support to navigate what is best for you? Spend an hour talking with one of us and reviewing your health history and food journal. We’ll prepare recommendations and mutually agree on a basic plan, unique to you, which includes support during a (minimum) 30-day elimination period. Each week we’ll meet for a 30-minute coaching call (or 60 minutes each fortnight, if you prefer).

This package includes unlimited email support and an initial appointment with a history

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